Thanks for checking out my personal supercar history blog. If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of some of the biggest and most important car manufacturers and therapy moment, then you’re not alone. The years I’ve went to start something for car lovers such as myself, I’ll be talking about manufacturers like Tesla which are relatively new, Brands such as Range Rover which have a little more history, right the way back to classic cars such as the Aston Martin.

A new supercar is born – Tesla finance a success

My very first post is going to be a Tesla, current media darling at the moment and all-round success story. It’s not everyday that we witnessed the birth of the new car company, it’s even more rather that we should witness one that has achieved success so quickly in a very competitive industry. From the very inception Tesla finance was aimed at the performance car market, it continues much in the same way today, except now there are plans afoot to obtain a more commercially available car model.

tesla finance

Tesla this is from other car manufacturers in many ways, beyond the obvious point that their supercars are exclusively powered by electric rather than some of the more traditional petrol engines car manufacturers have previously focused on. Elon Musk, the brains behind the company stated from the very beginning that the aim of their supercars was to develop the car industry and push it towards the more environmentally friendly Electric engine. From the very start here car purchase model was very different, Tesla financing was done exclusively through their website rather than through a middleman such as the dealer as has always been the case with car companies.

Why did Tesla finance a supercar first?

The Tesla finance model was to first capture the higher end of the car market, by financing a super car first they were able to establish themselves in the minds of consumers everywhere. By doing it this way around, Tesla have been able to establish themselves as a brand to be aspire to, the driving experience and purchasing of each unique product was meant to be different from the start.

Electric supercars such as the Tesla model S are revolutionary concept. Previously Electric cars with any notable performance were purely the reserve of concept cars that you would never make it to a production line. When Tesla financed the full scale production of their unique vehicles, they turned the entire car industry upside down.

Range Rover finance a new range of vehicles

Land Rover the brains behind the Range Rover brand have launched many successful performance cars over the last few years and have made them commercially available to a range of Range Rover Finance deals. The adoption of the revolutionary Range Rover financing has meant that they have become almost a common site on the roads of Britain today. This success wasn’t always guaranteed however, far from it range Rover has a chequered history of producing not always successful cars.

Range Rover so in a massive profit hike back in the early 2010 when the popularity of the Evoke first started to really take off. The brand was adopted by the Chinese market and soon business people everywhere wanted to own one of these fantastic cars. The Range Rover brand first got started in 2005, Land Rover the parent company got started much earlier of course and became well known for their off-road capable brand of cars and 4×4 motor vehicles.

range rover finance

Range Rover Finance opens up the market

Key to the success of Range Rover has been the large selection of Range Rover finance deals available to people with the means of purchasing them. By being able to defer payments, the car manufacturers was able to encourage mass adoption of their vehicles which cleverly cornered the market before any of their competitors were able to copy them. BMW were hot on their heals however and soon launch their own competing brands of 4×4’s, which although unsuccessful when nowhere near the level of what Land Rover and range Rover were able to achieve.

I myself have the car finance range Rover and have to say you can get some very competitively priced finance deals available. I would advise shopping around a little bit first as some supercar finance companies are better than others.